why is saffron expensive?

Price of saffron

Saffron is a strategic product, meaning that the price of saffron is like gold at the moment. In this article, we will talk about the price of saffron and how to price it.

Saffron is an expensive product and in your opinion this price may be unreasonable.

But if you are familiar with the production process until the sale of this product, the price of saffron may seem reasonable.

In the following, we will deal with the factors that make the price of saffron expensive.


Why is the price of saffron expensive?

Undoubtedly, no expensive price is unreasonable, ‌ saffron is no exception to this rule.

The expensive factors of saffron price are as follows, which we will explain in the following:

The stages of cultivation and harvesting of saffron
Saffron belongs to a special climate
Fantastic color and flavor
Strategic and sensitive products
Saffron properties

1.The stages of cultivation and harvesting of saffron:

Perhaps the most important reason for the high price of saffron is this factor.

Each saffron flower has three red saffron stigmas.

To get one kilogram of pure saffron, we have to plant 200,000 saffron flowers.

Aside from the hassle of planting this crop,We also need a lot of time and manpower to separate saffron from flowers.

To understand the difficulty of this task, it is enough to pay attention to the fact that if we use the size of two football fields, saffron flowers, if all the conditions are good, we can hardly hope to get a kilo of saffron flowers.

2.Relationship between saffron price and specific climate:

Saffron is a delicate plant and needs a suitable climate and soil to grow.

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The best region for growing saffron is eastern Iran.

In eastern Iran, the best saffron is cultivated in the region of South Khorasan, Ghainat city.

Suitable soil, climate and planting method have a great effect on obtaining high quality saffron.

If you are planning to plant saffron, one mistake will destroy your saffron farm and you will lose your capital and time.

Proper pH (acidity and alkalinity) of soil and other chemical factors are very important in the growth of saffron plant.

Saffron needs a special fertilizer to grow and not every fertilizer can be used.

Climatic conditions such as cold and humidity are also very effective in processing saffron.

3. Fantastic color and flavor:

The effect of this plant on the taste and aroma of food is not hidden from anyone.

Only by brewing a very small amount (about 0.2 grams) of saffron can a rice pot be turned into saffron rice, which shows the coloring power and aroma of saffron.

Due to the price of saffron, throughout history people have tried to use turmeric, rose petals and lily flowers as saffron, but none of them will evoke the taste and color of saffron.

4.Strategic and sensitive products:

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the price of saffron, such as gold , is instantaneous.

For example, saffron that has curved, completely red stigmas (Negin saffron) has a higher price, which is often sold for export.

In addition, if saffron is not taken care of properly, its aroma and taste will be reduced.

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It will be easy to maintain 1 or 2 ounces of saffron, but it will be difficult for sellers to maintain a larger volume of this plant (1 kg or more).

5. Saffron properties:

Apart from the special aroma and taste of this plant, we should not neglect the properties of this tonic plant.

The general properties of saffron are as follows:

To be joyful
Heart booster
Prevent high cholesterol, triglycerides and bad fats
Improve blood flow
Pain relief
Reduction of swelling in tissues due to impact
Protector of brain cells
Stomach booster
Prevent the progression of genetic eye diseases
Treatment of asthma
Skin diseases, jaundice and…

Factors affecting the price of saffron are as follows:

Type of saffron (Sargol, Negin and…)
Place of cultivation
The power of coloring
Package type
Global demand
Land prices, fertilizers and access to water

1. Type of saffron:

There are different types of saffron in Iran and the world market.

In general, 5 or 5 categories, Negin, Sargol, Pushal and whiteness (cream or root) are more common.

The price of Negin saffron is more expensive than the others, and the whiteness of saffron (saffron root) is the cheapest because it does not have a special color.

2. Place of cultivation:

Ghaenat has the most expensive saffron due to its high quality saffron.

One of the factors that has made saffron in this region of extraordinary quality, is the climate and soil suitable for this region.

Unfortunately, some profiteers sell low-quality saffron at a higher price under the name of Ghainat saffron.

3. Dyeing power is the most important factor on the price of saffron:


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In order to understand the power of saffron dyeing, we have to take the saffron sample to reputable laboratories to reach the dyeing index with a special device.

4. Package type:

Price of saffron

In saffron packaging, envelope, glass, metal … packaging are used.

Of course, note that saffron in metal packaging will stay fresh for a longer time and will not lose its flavor.

5.Global demand affecting saffron prices:

Saffron harvest depends on the saffron cultivation area in November and December.

For this reason, the price of saffron reaches its lowest point at this time.

Because saffron is a sensitive plant and because saffron growers have a lot of saffron that if it is not sold, its quality will be reduced And maybe if it is a saffron flower, the flower will wither and have no value and will be spoiled.

For this reason, saffron growers sell saffron at the lowest price in these two months.

Gradually, as time goes by, the price of saffron reaches its reasonable price again And during spring and summer, the price of saffron is at its highest.

6. Land, fertilizer and water access prices:

This plant needs water only twice in the first year of November (before fruiting) and early December (at the end of fruiting) and it is enough for spring, rain water and snow.

The higher the price of the land on which saffron is grown, the higher the price of saffron.


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