Saffron Station Privacy

Privacy means a safe place for everyone’s life in the community, where the amount of interference or inappropriate visitation is minimized. In the cyberspace, as in the real world, humans need privacy. Here, Saffron Station, is your safe place in cyberspace. Saffron Station is aware of the fact that you dear visitors and users are concerned about the information you provide, so it will use the utmost accuracy and sensitivity to safeguard and prevent misuse of your information. In other words, saffron Station will win your trust by creating a safe and secure place.
In this note, we intend to share saffron Station privacy policies with regard to the privacy of users. Saffron Station privacy helps you understand what type of information is collected, how and where it is used, how and when it will be shared, as well as the powers you have over managing your information. Privacy applies to all services, applications, and products provided by Saffron Station, and your visit to Saffron Station website will mean that you accept all principles set out in the Privacy Policy and are committed to the collection, use, and disclosure of such information, which is defined in the Privacy Policy.
The information that Saffron Station collects is intended to help better identify the users and to help them create a fun experience. This information includes information that Saffron Station receives directly from you, information obtained from a third party, as well as information that it collects automatically while you use the website:

1. Information obtained directly from you:

When you sign up on Saffron Station website, we collect information such as your name, surname, contact information, email, etc. and use it for important purposes such as improving website performance, targeted advertising, responding to requests and establishing dual communications. We will. Of course, you may not include some specific information, but you will also miss some of the benefits of a website.

2. General Information:

Information such as images, comments, profile information, etc. that you publish on the website is collected and stored by Saffron Station. At your discretion, it is possible for Saffron Stationto edit any of the comments, images, etc. to comply with the website’s rules and standards prior to public release.

3. Transactional Information:

When you make an order on the Saffron Station website, specific information such as contact number, email, and address will be collected to process your purchase request. It is worth noting that your transactions take place on a secure encrypted platform when shopping, so they will not be accessible to any third party.


4.How information is used and shared by Saffron Station , user authorities 

The information collected by Saffron Station is used for purposes such as improving site performance, improving the quality of products and services, personalizing the user experience, customizing offers, getting business feedback, connecting with users on website-related topics, responding quickly to needs and requests, etc.
Saffron Station does not disclose your personal information to any third party for commercial purposes unless required by law to share it with law enforcement for prosecution of offenses and violations. In cases where information such as comments, product images, etc. is made public with your consent, Saffron Station does not bear responsibility for their publication. All information obtained from you is protected by a single-layer protocol (SSL) and the server, and cannot be illegally accessed.
Finally, while thanking you for your trust in this website, Saffron Station is working to provide an appropriate response that suits your trust so you can enjoy a safe online experience in a secure environment.
The important point is that you should always protect your password to the website and always make sure you log out of your account when you are done with the site in order to prevent potential abuse of information. The other point is that you should select a secure password that includes a combination of numbers and letters to make yourself a safe and secure experience. Otherwise, Saffron Station bears no responsibility for possible intrusions.
If you have any recommendation or criticism regarding Saffron Station privacy, you can email us at