Signs that the culprit of your insomnia is nutrition


Nutrition and insomnia ; When the cause of your insomnia is your diet

Do you feel sluggish when you wake up? As if you had not slept at all. So it must be a problem with your diet. Sometimes our night sleep is such that we feel more tired and restless after waking up. So, if you have any of the following symptoms this time, your diet may have disturbed your sleep.

Insomnia nutrition

Symptoms that show the relationship between nutrition and insomnia

1. You feel tired

Feeling tired can be the result of many things. If you wake up feeling tired, your body probably had some challenges in the digestive process during sleep. In particular, you may have consumed foods that caused acid reflux and heartburn. For example, pepperoni pizza is one of the foods that cause a lot of stomach acid reflux, which is also caused by the acidity of the tomato sauce. Heartburn or acid reflux disrupts deep sleep and will make you feel tired when you wake.

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eating pizza

2. Waking up in the middle of the night

For those who drink alcohol, it takes about 4-5 hours for the alcohol to leave their body, so the body has to adjust to this situation. If this process occurs during sleep, it disrupts it. So you should quit this habit as soon as possible.


Waking up at night

3. Muscle pain

If you don’t consume enough water, your body is probably dehydrated and muscle contractions have occurred; Especially when you are sleeping. Drinking alcohol late at night dehydrates the body, so it’s important to drink water throughout the day.

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Muscular pain

4. Not falling asleep

Probably the reason for this issue is the consumption of caffeine . Coffee and tea are among the snacks that have extremely high levels of caffeine and disrupt your sleep. Caffeine is a stimulant that keeps your central nervous system alert and trying to fight fatigue. If your body is not tired, it will be difficult for it to sleep.

Coffee causes insomnia

5. Going to the bathroom while sleeping

If your body is dehydrated and you constantly drink water before going to bed, you will probably need to go to the bathroom while you sleep. You read earlier that if you want to prevent dehydration, you should know that drinking water before bed will not help you and try to hydrate your body throughout the day.

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Drink enough water

6. Feeling weak

If your body hasn’t gone through the full sleep cycle, you’re likely to feel sluggish in the morning. Heartburn and acid reflux cause these problems and act exactly the same as when they aggravate digestive problems in your body. If you are one of those people who usually eat heavy snacks or eat dinner late, then you probably have this problem because your body has a hard time digesting and cannot digest the late night meal well. And as a result, it disturbs your night’s sleep.

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