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Welcome to Saffron Station. We are very pleased that you are here visiting us, and we hope you have a delightful experience. Saffron Station is a website to offer unique services and products, get in touch with the best handicraft artisans and introduce them to you, produce specific content, suggest home design and present opinions, exchange information, images, comments and more.
This agreement is between Saffron Station and you and expresses all the rights and responsibilities you have when using Saffron Station (whether in PC or mobile phone), so you should read it carefully.
The terms and conditions of use that will be discussed in detail apply to all activities on the website and your use of the site means full compliance with the laws. So make sure you read the agreement thoroughly, and if you disagree with any of the terms, it is best to stop using Saffron Station.
Please follow the terms, conditions, and terms of use of Saffron Station before taking any action.

Create an account

In order to use Saffron Station services, you must create an account. Choose a proper username for this purpose. Be honest with us in providing your adequate information. Information such as the exact address, postal code, and telephone must be entered as carefully as possible to avoid possible problems with shipping and delivery. Saffron Station will protect your information in accordance with our privacy policies. You are responsible for any activity on your account, so use extreme sensitivity and precision in protecting your account to prevent potential misuse.

Delete an account

We hate it if you leave Saffron Station! But you can deactivate your account at any time by going to your Account Settings.
The Content of Saffron Station
Saffron Station is responsible for the publication of any content, including images, texts, product prices and more, and will be directly and personally responsible for any violation of current rules.

Content Related to You

The content and topics sent to us after using the Saffron Station services constitute your content and may include the publication of images, text, comments, and more. By posting any content through the Saffron Station website, you allow us to use it. We make no claims to your content and use it solely for the purpose of promoting Saffron Station performance and growth. The rights you grant us with regard to the publication of your content include any reproduction, editing, deletion, and more. For instance, if you post a comment on one of Saffron Station products, there is a possibility of editing or un-publishing due to inconsistency with website standards.

Commitments s and Responsibilities of Buyers

You agree that you will not violate any of the laws governing the use of Saffron Station services. These include Saffron Station -specific and e-commerce rules. You are also responsible for paying any amount charged by Saffron Station. You are not permitted to interfere with our website or to disrupt our services through the spread of viruses or any harmful computer code. You are bound to abide by Saffron Station trademark policies and do not have the right to use Saffron Station title or any of its trademarks, phrases, texts, graphics, images, videos, designs, scripts, etc. Saffron Station has the only exclusive right to use and reproduce these contents and unauthorized use is subject to legal prosecution. Saffron Station has the exclusive right of data mining, the use of robots and the like. It is worth noting that we are interested in your comments and recommendations! Any comment or recommendation will help improve services and user experience.

How to register an order

To order the product you want, first, register with an account, select your desired product and then add it to your shopping cart. Next, enter your postal information in full and enter the payment process after confirming it. In the shopping process, you are required to enter a mobile number and postal code. You can also provide a name and address other than your own address for order delivery. In such a case, you are required to submit your ID card upon delivery. It is worth noting that Saffron Station only has online payment. Once payment is approved, our colleagues will process your order at the earliest and send it to you. At all stages, from ordering to delivery, customers will be in touch with us via an email sent by Saffron Station.
Furthermore, adding an item to the shopping cart does not mean the product is reserved and does not create any rights for the customers. There may be a change in product inventory and price until the item is finalized in the cart. Therefore, you are advised to finalize your order at the earliest before any change in product inventory or price.
In case of any problems in the final processing of the shopping cart or if the product is sold out, Saffron Station may cancel the order at any time without prior notice even after the ordering is done by the customer and refund to the customer wit

Saffron Station Payment Policies

Saffron Station payment policies state all your rights and obligations when using payment services and allow buyers to use different payment methods.


Every country has its own shipping rules and regulations that restrict certain items. Please take some time to refer to the list of items restricted by your country before placing your order. If you decide to refuse a shipment, Store will not grant refunds of any kind. Store cannot be held responsible for packages held in customs or for any customs duties owed.

Customs Duties And Identification Information
It is your responsibility to comply with all local Customs authority requirements in relation to your order. We recommend that you make yourself aware of these requirements before placing your order. For illustrative purposes only, we have provided some examples of identification information required by certain countries

Changes in texts

We may from time to time make changes to the terms and conditions of this section, notify you if you need to be notified via the website or by sending us an email, and you may be able to choose whether you are in contact with Saffron Station or No. Your use of the Saffron Station Service means that you agree to any changes to these Terms.

Communication with Saffron Station

If you have any questions or comments Saffron Station Terms, and Terms, please contact us via Saffron Station email address: